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Hey guys what's up so in this video since many of you are facing a problem in filling your - that is not - but - of UPSC that is detailed application form for UPC means so in this video I will be teaching you my personal experiences and those of other toppers of how we filled our deaf and how we can help you in filling your deaf so this is presented by me and this is the YouTube channel and Academy so please watch it if you want to fill the deaf this year or next year or whenever you want to it will help you a lot so this is me and if you want to read more about me you can go to my Facebook page facebook.com slash romance and dot avi shell or you can simply google my name no problem whatsoever do like it and share it share the word as much as possible and the thing is I will be doing lots of AMA session where you can ask me anything that is mean by AMA and in those sessions which will be done so what I want you to do is I want you to comment in the post below and you can ask me any doubt and those of you who have the same doubt can like those comments so that they are shown up in the newsfeed is that absolutely understood only that is the only way where I will be taking your queries do not mail me do not mail me do not message me on my profile because it goes on the other box anyway and you can also message on the comment section of the YouTube it also helps so message may vary either in the comment section on YouTube or Facebook and those of you who have same doubt can please like those comments and I will answer them so I will be teaching you certain basics about why to fill def and detail or why not to fill it like both aspects first thing first which we need to understand right now right away is focus on your manes examination because the major chunk of the marks are with the mains examination for in my case I got 713 mins and 150 for an interview so as you can see this is the sole reason why I got the 18th rank and it could have been if the average one so that an interview could have been further higher up but if the mains was slightly bit lost or degraded and marks so that would have impacted a lot on the overall rank so the major marks are with means and you can control them very easily the level of your preparation is directly proportional to the marks you will be getting in the mains examination not the case in case of interval def can only influence your interview mark that is 275 marks so many problems cleared aspirants what I have seen personally is they just take one day or rather to fill their def they fill on the first day itself so I have seen it a lot and many others on the other hand they ask each and every of their senior sub Kofun Corregidor Dorcas pluribus anonymous the Apostle Paul av they will call each and every one from the college senior to their daughter-in-law to their son-in-law every one will be called and they will be asked by which Oh beautiful whether I fill Qatar playing or sitar playing or veena playing whether...